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COMANDULLI 1972/2022

The future, by definition, always represents the unknown. Unexpected events are always just around the corner and there are no guarantees as to how things will go. On the other hand, we all know that the future brings not only challenges, but also great opportunities. And we’re ready to seize them! The truth is that we’ve been ready from the start, from the day that the company founder, Ernesto Comandulli, began writing our solid, successful entrepreneurial history 50 years ago. We began from simple yet essential values: passion, humility, and ingenuity. Tenacity and vision with perspective did the rest.

‘There’s always room for improvement.’ It’s a phrase the founder loves to repeat, the company slogan since the beginning. Never settle; there’s always something that can be done better. This is precisely why Comandulli machinery has always been a step ahead of the competition. Today we’re celebrating an important milestone, proud to have built a company that looks to the future with the same enthusiasm that it was founded with.



50 years have passed, but I remember the beginning like it was yesterday.
After technical school and my first jobs, my passion for machinery quickly led me to challenge myself with increasingly ambitious projects.
The most thrilling moment? When I delivered the first Comandulli edge polisher to a client. 
It was 1972, and I was just 29 years old.


What makes us truly happy is seeing our customers completely satisfied. In fact, it’s our ultimate goal. Knowing that our machines are appreciated is a point of pride for Comandulli—the best form of ‘payment’ for all the passion and energy that we put into our work, day after day. Some of these businesses, who we’d like to thank, have testified to the relationship that has connected us for years, built upon mutual esteem and trust.
Marmo Arredo

A special thank you from a special person

‘In work, as in life, you sometimes have the good fortune of meeting special people. Francisco Martinez-Cosentino Justo, President of Spain’s Cosentino Group, is one of them. We met many years ago, when we both were starting out in our careers, and we immediately understood each other. His message of congratulations is truly appreciated, and for that I wish to express my sincerest thanks.’
Cav. Ernesto Comandulli